At an opening of mine the other night, my high school art history teacher, whose teaching style and enthusiasm for art history was absolutely invaluable to me at that point in my life, commented on Pentimento. We were discussing one of my paintings, and I was showing him evidence of a previous painting on that canvas, before I decided to change directions. I do this quite often, paint over old paintings that I have no use for anymore. This new landscape is an example of that habit. I started a portrait a couple of months ago that I never ended up finishing. So! Now it’s a landscape. But, I thought it was cool to see the transformation.

Here are a few shots. Starting the landscape, mid point, and finished landscape with some detail shots.





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Here’s a shot that my husband grabbed while taking proper photos of my paintings in the studio. I must admit, red bull tastes like cough syrup, but I can’t seem to help myself. But, I must point out that there is an Apple juice and a water there too. And, bonus detail shot of “fair creature of an hour” 36×36″ oil on canvas.




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Fine Art Opening on Newbury Street, Boston

I’m having a solo show tomorrow night in Boston. The address is 91 Newbury street, Boston, suite #300, third floor at Dr. Jaimie DeRossa’s. The opening is from 5:30-7:30pm. All are welcome!
Here is one painting that will be included in the show. It’s 36×36″, oil on canvas. Detail shots below.




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Boston Fine Artist Landscape Paintings

Here are two examples of my landscapes. One is on canvas, and the other on unprimed birch board. The canvas takes on the oil paint in a more fluid coating, allowing the oil medium to cover the whole canvas with ease. The Birch Board, on the other hand, soaks up the oil paint into the wood itself, which is a pretty cool effect. In Tyger, Tyger, the birch board painting, I let some of the raw wood show through underneath the sun setting.

Tyger, Tyger II (36×36″) oil on birch board

Tree line (36×36″) oil on canvas

Detail of Tree line

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Impressionist Landscape Paintings

Below are two of my Contemporary Impressionist Landscapes. One, hayfields in the rain, and two, East Bay off of the coast of Maine. The third photo is a panorama of my studio with both paintings featured on easels.

Hay fields in the Rain (36×36″) oil on canvas

East Bay (30×48″) oil on canvas


To see more of my Contemporary Impressionist Landscape Paintings visit, Boston Landscape Painter