Past Paintings

I really enjoy digging into images of my work from the past.

Recently I found a photo of a painting I did in college. It’s of a mussel shell leaning against a piece of deep blue and cream colored pottery found on the beach up in Maine, with a bee alongside them. It was a quick study I remember painting one night in my dorm room, probably due the following morning to my professor (cause that’s just how I work). I sat on my desk and compiled the still life from whatever I could find in my room, and lit the still life with my desk lamp. It’s a fond memory.

I still have much of the pottery found on the beaches up in Maine, the last image is some of the pottery I still have from fifteen years ago.



Nova Scotia Painting

My husband and I recently took a ferry to Nova Scotia. We’d never been, and it was foggy, quiet and beautiful. The day after we came back, I was inspired to paint a scene from our trip. It’s a different style than I usually paint. The inspiration came through my recent Artist Residency at Dacia Gallery in NYC, and working with Iliya Mirochnik. I included some step by step photos (please excuse the iPhone photos in the middle).


Here are the step by step. It’s a 24×24″ canvas.





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Photos from the MoMA

Today we met at the MoMA as part of the residency with Dacia Gallery. Obviously there are incredible paintings included in the MoMA’s collection. The composition, brushwork, use of color, but, the MoMA is also some of the best people watching. It’s just as interesting to watch the people looking at the paintings as to see the paintings yourself. Below are a few photos that I took there today.

“Dynamism of a Soccer Player” (1913) oil on canvas- Umberto Boccioni

“Dance I” (1909) oil on canvas- Henri Matisse

“Three Women” (1921-22) oil on canvas- Fernand Léger

“Most of my Photos from Today” (2014) iPhone

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NYC Artist Residency with Dacia Gallery

I’m currently in NYC for two weeks taking part in the Dacia Gallery Artist Residency. It’s fantastic, I am immersed in the NYC art world.
I usually paint landscapes but, by painting the nude figure with the instructor, I am fine tuning skills which I will bring back to my landscape style. Below are a few shots of what I’ve been working on.




Dacia Gallery is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at 53 Stanton Street, NYC. The artists they represent are outstanding and the current show up right now is fantastic. I highly recommend you swing by to check it out.

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