“night’s starred face” 30×30″

“night’s starred face” 30×30″
The title is taken directly from my favorite John Keats poem, “When I have Fears that I may cease to be” first seen in 1818. “When I behold, upon the night’s starred face, huge cloudy symbols of a high romance, and think that I may never live to trace, their shadows with the magic hand of chance;” and it goes on. Everyone take a minute and google it, it’s short, and stretches your mind.

Here are two details of “night’s starred face”


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Here’s a shot that my husband grabbed while taking proper photos of my paintings in the studio. I must admit, red bull tastes like cough syrup, but I can’t seem to help myself. But, I must point out that there is an Apple juice and a water there too. And, bonus detail shot of “fair creature of an hour” 36×36″ oil on canvas.




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Painting of Zakim Bridge, Boston


Driving back from Provincetown a couple of months ago, I snapped a few photos while we were heading North over the Zakim Bridge. The orange sun was glowing behind the buildings, and the cables from the bridge were obscuring the light. It was beautiful.

So, I painted it.

Here is a photo from the painting today, along with a detail shot and a shot of it in my studio.



Contemporary Paintings of North Shore Landscapes

Here are two paintings I did a while ago, found in the archives of my Studio.
In both of these paintings I was playing with the idea of movement within the landscape. I enjoy the softer colors, mixes of sap greens, yellow ochres, and the various shades of whites and blues.

Sweeping View (36×96″) oil on canvas

Curl (36×48″) oil on canvas

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Wyeth drawing up in Maine

Spending some time on an island off the coast of Maine again. It’s so beautiful, and everywhere I look reminds me of all of the Wyeth’s drawings I grew up admiring.
Below is a copy I did of an Andrew Wyeth sketch, along with a photo of the view where I am staying.




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Deep Blue Impressionism

Living in such a wide open space on a farm, from my studio I see the weather come in and light move across the constantly changing land. I am forever in love with the combination of thinly applied deep hues, greens, blues and, of course, the use of impasto for the blazing colors of the sun as it sinks behind the silhouetted trees.

Starting with detail shots, below is “Deep Blue” (24×48″) oil on canvas




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Contemporary Landscape Paintings

I’ve been pretty busy with the show at The Larkin Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Plus, an upcoming show on an island off the coast of Maine.
I thought I’ld show two landscapes being featured in the upcoming show.

Ensign in the Fog III (40×40″) oil on canvas
Detail below


Low Horizon (36×36″) oil on canvas
Detail below


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