William Wordsworth and Ledges

Meandering on the beach up in Maine I came upon a spot of yellow moss growing on a ledge, a patch of moss that has been expanding in a mossy way over the years that I’ve spent walking along those ledges. Though, this time a Wordsworth poem came immediately to my mind. “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” also known as “Daffodils”.

Below is a quick photo that I took of that moss, and the end of the Wordsworth poem is below.



…”For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.”

William Wordsworth 1804

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Inspired by J.M.W. Turner

“June 23rd” (96″x48″) oil on board

A few years ago, from November to March, not a trace of new work could be found in my studio. For five months I stared at a blank canvas. For twenty one weeks, nothing. For one hundred and fifty days, blank.

Not for lack of interest, I was dying to paint something. It’s just, nothing was coming out. The more days passed, the more angry I became. The more weeks passed, the more anxious I became. And, the more months that passed, the more terrified I became.

I was engulfed with pure panic that I had lost it. Painting has always been at my center. Even early in school, while I struggled at some of the more straight-forward subjects, I always excelled in studio art.

Reading… was very difficult. To this day I have never actually read a whole book. For real. In grammar school, for the school play, when all the roles were assigned, I was given the role of “Chicken.” This consisted of sitting on the edge of the stage, dangling my feet in a huge chicken suit. Not one line.

Back in my studio, as the pressure rose, my confidence shrunk. Till one day, in my studio, when fear and panic had taken over, even in my dreams, I grabbed The Norton Anthology of Poetry and opened randomly to John Keats’, “When I have Fears that I may cease to be”. Then, I noticed a book on one of my favorite painters of all time, J.M.W. Turner. I opened, randomly, to “Peace-Burial at Sea”. I said, screw it, loaded up a brush full of my favorite color, walked up to the 36″x36″ blank canvas, which was like walking down a long plank, and made a random mark in the top left corner.

Then, the pressure squealed out and I was calm again. No plan, just “Peace-Burial at Sea” burnt into my brain, and “When I have Fears” bringing up the rear. And this landscape style is the result. The page which holds, “Peace-Burial at Sea” is still open in my studio to this day. It reminds me of how this all started – with a grueling five months of pressure and fear. I think, as it turns out, it was worth it in the end. The work that was born was different from what I had ever painted before that November.

I memorized John Keats’ poem, “When I have Fears that I may cease to be”, and sometimes recite it out loud as I walk to my studio in the morning.

Below is J.M.W. Turner’s “Peace-Burial at Sea”
To read John Keats’ poem, “When I have Fears that I may cease to be”, check out my second post. There’s a reason why I posted that poem.



To read the poem visit my second post, “When I have Fears that I may cease to be”

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Larkin Gallery Show this Weekend

This weekend will be the first of three exhibitions at the Larkin Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The Larkin Gallery is located at 405 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA. Below are two quick shots of the gallery featuring both my landscapes and portraits.

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Paintings in Provincetown

This Memorial Day weekend I will be showing at the Larkin Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This will be the first of three exhibitions at the Larkin Gallery this season. Yesterday my husband and I drove the seven paintings to Provincetown. The show will consist of both portraits and landscapes. I snapped a few shots of two paintings not up on the walls yet. On the drive back to Boston, the sun was setting and the city looked so pretty that I am including two quick photos of that as well.
The Larkin Gallery is located at 405 Commercial Street in Provincetown.





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New Portrait




A new portrait next to two previous landscapes. I like the similar blues in each painting. I’ve moved my whole painting operation into our house, due to an infestation of wasps in my studio. It was hard to concentrate when wasps were dive bombing my head.

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Photo from Runway to Recovery


A couple of months ago my husband, Tim Llewellyn and his team at Llewellyn Creative did a shoot for Runway to Recovery, a non profit organization to help support Breast Cancer survivors and the families of Breast Cancer victims. It’s a wonderful organization with a tremendous heart, full of love and support. The photo shoot was during a fashion show where the models are Breast Cancer survivors and family members.

During the photo shoot, my husband suggested that I grab hold of his back-up camera and take behind the scene photos of the Breast Cancer survivors and family members as they were preparing to walk onto Runway. It was both a challenge and thrilling at the same time. The above photo is an example shot that I took that night. And believe it or not this photo made it up onto the Runway for Recovery website. Beneath the links is another photo that I took that night.

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