“night’s starred face” 30×30″

“night’s starred face” 30×30″
The title is taken directly from my favorite John Keats poem, “When I have Fears that I may cease to be” first seen in 1818. “When I behold, upon the night’s starred face, huge cloudy symbols of a high romance, and think that I may never live to trace, their shadows with the magic hand of chance;” and it goes on. Everyone take a minute and google it, it’s short, and stretches your mind.

Here are two details of “night’s starred face”


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Landscape and Portrait Show in Provincetown

Boston Portrait Artist
Detail from painting “Chris”

Yesterday I drove down to Provincetown to visit with Stephen M. Briscoe, Gallery Director of Larkin Gallery on Commercial in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I brought seven of my Portraits and Landscapes and had a wonderful conversation with Stephen about painting and the bustling art scene in Provincetown. Larkin Gallery has a talented and eclectic group of artists on display. I was inspired by all of their work.

I also arrived two hours before schedule to take a nice long walk on the beach, of course. I mean, Provincetown, gorgeous beaches. The featured photos are details from my walk. The last photo is a detail of the portrait ‘Missy’. You might be able to catch a little bit of where my inspiration comes from when concocting the abstract backgrounds for my portraits.

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Detail of Portrait Painting Boston

New Landscape Paintings Underway

Boston Landscape Painter

I’ve been working away in my studio and I thought I might show you some recent ongoing paintings. The photo below is a detail from the one above. The rest are similar, painting underway and details below them. On a side note, it’s been snowing here, and my studio is mighty cold in the morning – like, see my breath cold. I usually sit in my chair with many many layers on, waiting for my hands to warm up before I start my day. It’s a good time to look and reflect on work. Plus, I’m looking forward to including the snowy landscapes in future paintings. It’s very Wyeth out these days on the farm.

Boston Landscape Painter

Boston Landscape Painter

Boston Landscape Painter

Boston Landscape Painter


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