Deep Blue Impressionism

Living in such a wide open space on a farm, from my studio I see the weather come in and light move across the constantly changing land. I am forever in love with the combination of thinly applied deep hues, greens, blues and, of course, the use of impasto for the blazing colors of the sun as it sinks behind the silhouetted trees.

Starting with detail shots, below is “Deep Blue” (24×48″) oil on canvas




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Solo Show in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Contemporary Landscape Painter BostonI’m very excited to announce that I will be having a solo painting exhibition at Larkin Gallery on Commercial Street in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  The show will be up from July 11th-17th. It will feature both of my Landscapes and Portrait paintings. I am extremely honored to be showing at Larkin Gallery.
Opening reception Friday, July 11th at 7pm. Larkin Gallery is located at 405 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Please visit the Larkin Gallery’s website.

These photos are what I’ve been working on in my studio these days.

Contemporary Landscape Painter BostonContemporary Landscape Painter Boston

Landscape and Portrait Show in Provincetown

Boston Portrait Artist
Detail from painting “Chris”

Yesterday I drove down to Provincetown to visit with Stephen M. Briscoe, Gallery Director of Larkin Gallery on Commercial in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I brought seven of my Portraits and Landscapes and had a wonderful conversation with Stephen about painting and the bustling art scene in Provincetown. Larkin Gallery has a talented and eclectic group of artists on display. I was inspired by all of their work.

I also arrived two hours before schedule to take a nice long walk on the beach, of course. I mean, Provincetown, gorgeous beaches. The featured photos are details from my walk. The last photo is a detail of the portrait ‘Missy’. You might be able to catch a little bit of where my inspiration comes from when concocting the abstract backgrounds for my portraits.

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image copy

Detail of Portrait Painting Boston

New Commission from NYC to Saskatchewan


These days have been busy busy and cold cold in my studio. The cold is appropriate because as a result from the NYC show, a new client contacted me from Saskatchewan. She had seen a photograph from the NYC show and as a result, commissioned a painting, which I have been working on for a while now.

I mean, it’s kinda unfair to compare the temperature here right now, which is 7 degrees, to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which is -33 degrees right now. That’s about the weakest comparison, but it seemed like a good segue.

She is moving to Calgary in three months, ( current temperature there right now is a balmy -20 degrees) so the idea is to ship the painting to her new place, giving it time to dry, and letting the client check out her new wall sizes.

She was drawn to both, “East Bay” and “Ensign in the Fog”. Above is the photo of “Ensign in the Fog” oil on canvas 40×40″

Contemporary Artist Boston



The never ending question of, how the hell do I get my work out to the world and into galleries, is finally answered.

Artist2Dealer is a new website developed by Eric Zener, a well known and internationally established realist painter out of San Francisco. Eric realized that in this online social networking world, there needs to be a better platform for an artist and a dealer to reach out and connect to one and other.

This new social website allows artists to create a page which features their work and portfolio to be viewed by dealers that also belong to Artist2Dealer. The dealers are able to browse through portfolios in hopes to find their next big thing, you.

As a member, you are no longer bound to galleries in your immediate area, clinging to the wild hope that they may like your work. Artist2Dealer is a step onto a platform that the wide world can see. I have an account, my work is up, and I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to share with all of you who are following my blog. I encourage you to take a look at their website, create an account, and see what happens!

To check it out go to

To see Eric Zener’s work, go to

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Messing Around with a Bic Pencil


If I had all of the pencils in the land to sketch with, I would choose a #2 Bic clicky pencil. My husband was taking a nap today, it being Thanksgiving, so I went off into the kitchen to do a little sketch for fun. After digging up an old pad and finding one of my favorite clicky pencils in the junk draw, I started sketching away. I’ve forgotten how much fun messing around with a Bic can be.

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Goodbye Sun


It snowed for the first time the other morning, so I feel it’s appropriate to say goodbye to Summer. This is Tullie, one of six dogs that live on the farm. She is the lioness of the pack, constantly keeping watch over the land. Since we are all getting used to the sun setting at 3:30pm and thinking it’s bedtime by 7:00 because we’ve been in the dark for so long, I wanted to remember when the sun was still up. This photo was taken in August and I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite of the whole season.

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